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Why Clean Your Carpets In Summer Vs. Winter?

Whether it’s summer or winter, rugs are a necessary part of your daily life. Each season has characteristics that make cleaning advantageous; thus, cleaning is advantageous year-round. the following reasons:

Reasons to clean your carpet in the summer

kids summer vacation

The Atlanta summer requires regular carpet cleaning, particularly if you have children living in the house.

The extra time kids spend at home during the summer break from school might put additional strain on the carpet. And after spending time at the beach with your family, you’ll undoubtedly pack a lot of the beach in your shoes and feel at home in the fibers of your rug.

Therefore, keeping the carpet clean is essential to stop bacteria from forming there and making your children sick or permanently destroying the carpet when they sit on it.

Bring in outer fabric

Summer also entails spending a lot of time outside. Or bring dirt and germs from your backyard inside. Of course, this ultimately has the effect of increasing the rate at which dirt, water, sand, grass, and other undesirable materials are deposited on the carpet, making it messy and reducing its lifespan.

Debris must be cleared away immediately to prevent the carpet’s fibers from degrading.

Show off the beauty of your home at social gatherings

In happier times, friends and relatives are frequently invited to homes. You naturally want your home to look its best when you are hosting guests. Thus, in the summer, a tidy rug will help to improve the aesthetics of your home, whereas a disorganized rug will only make your home appear run-down.

Summer is an excellent season to clean your carpets for all of these reasons.

Reasons to clean carpets in winter

faster drying time

Contrary to popular perception, wintertime results in much shorter drying times following carpet cleaning. That’s because the weather outside is horrible.

The heating is on, and the house feels cozy and toasty. Since cold air tends to be drier than warm air, moisture absorption is often considerably easier when the indoor air is warmer.

protection is key

The house may get quite wet and unclean during the winter because we spend so much time indoors. Cleaning before the filth has become thoroughly embedded wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

This helps to prolong the life of your carpets and is substantially aided by Atlanta organic carpet cleaning businesses. They can rapidly stop deeper stains from irreversibly harming it thanks to their knowledge.

A clean carpet may help to maintain indoor air quality with the right maintenance, and the winter months are perfect for using a fireplace. By doing this, objectives for leading a healthy lifestyle are upheld.

reservation availability

Because people frequently don’t realize how crucial it is to get their carpets professionally cleaned in the winter, Atlantans frequently decide to wait until the summer or spring.

Nevertheless, booking in the winter is quite advantageous because there are more openings during this “low season.” It makes it simpler for you to make appointments with professionals at convenient times.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, both winter and summer have advantages. To prolong the life of your carpet, it is best to have a professional evaluate your house each season.

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